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Why Visuals Matter In Your Business

When I say visuals matter, I basically mean they are everything when it comes to your business. I have said this saying a million and one times but it only takes about 8 seconds for someone to decide if they want to stay on your site or Instagram feed or if they want to leave. A lot of quick decision making that a potential client or collaboration makes has to do with visuals. Your photos and graphics can make or break your website or Instagram.

Your visuals speak to your potential clients

Some people say that visuals don’t matter as long as your content is good, but at this point in where we are in society that is simply not true anymore. You could have killer content but if you’re lacking images/visuals not a lot of people will stick around to see your amazing content. We live in a society that likes beautiful imagery, photos that make you want to look, and photos that make you want to see more. When you have good imagery people will want to read what is on your page, they will want to click around and see what all you have to offer.

Imagery sets the tone

Your imagery sets the tone for both your website and your Instagram. Imagine clicking onto someones site or scrolling someones Instagram and you see beautifully, aesthetically pleasing photos, you will essentially get sucked in. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen one image on my popular page on Instagram, clicked their profile and seen an entire account full of beautiful images. At this point I get so deep into their page that I didn’t even realize I was scrolling that much. And before I know it I’m saving images into a curated little folder I created on Instagram and then I’m clicking the follow button. Your Imagery sets the tone for what potential clients do. It’s a good thing when someone is creeping down your page, it means they want to see what you’re offering, what you’re doing, and usually they end up following you. Then when someone follows you the typically keep up with your images, your stories, etc.. This gives you so much room to speak to that potential client that just followed you!

Honestly, a pretty feed is so fun

It is! It is so fun to hop on your own Instagram page or website, see the images you have and just be happy. It’s so fun to be proud of the work that you are producing. It is so fun to be happy with the content you are pumping out! Instagram feed images are an amazing way to connect with your people, to attract the people you want to be working with and it’s basically a smaller version of your blog or website with such high impact.

I totally get it, not everyone has a big, expensive camera, not everyone knows the right angles to capture the images you are desiring for your brand and that’s fine! Photography isn’t everyones jam. But it is so important for you and your business. If you are a product based business or a business that wants help with their Instagram/website I would love to chat and work with you. If you are product based I do offer photography services with my brand design packages or with a custom package. If you are not product based but you feel like you need help with your Instagram design imagery or brand design in general I would love to chat and work with you. You deserve a beautiful brand!

If you are interested in wanting to have high-quality images and to take your Instagram/website to the next level, I would love to chat with you more

Hi, friend! I'm Kierra, the founder + lead designer here at The Mod Collective. I get easily attached to fictional characters, cry over books far too often, and could probably eat Mexican food every single day.I hope you enjoy browsing the posts on the TMC blog, we are so happy that you are here! 







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