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3 Steps To Staying Organized As a Small Business Owner

I will be the first to admit that it took me a really long time to get organized in my business. I was always that business owner that woke up when she wanted, grabbed a cup of coffee, lounged on the couch, the got to work when I really felt ready. But let me tell you, that didn’t last long. As my small business started to grow I realized I could no longer treat my business like a hobby, since that is what my business was when I first started out. One day I decided to sit down and really focus on how I wanted my business to run, how I wanted my mornings to look and got organized. The organization didn’t happen overnight, it took a while but now I can happily say that I am so much more organized in my business than I was five months ago.

1. Girl, just set your alarm.

Yes, I said it. Don’t just wake up when you want. Get up and get moving. Set your alarm. I thought it was going to be so dreamy waking up when I wanted to when I took my business full time, ha, I was so wrong. I realized with me waking up whenever I wanted I was causing myself to get so behind. By the time I got up, made my coffee, did my devotion it was already almost noon and I would have to work well into the night to complete my projects. Now every night I set my alarm for 7:30 am. I make my coffee and I do my devotion while my coffee is brewing. By the time I sit down with my coffee to begin work, it’s only 8:00 am and I’m ready to tackle my projects and I don’t have to work into the night.

2. Join a platform that will keep your projects organized.

Trust me, I love a good notebook and pen to write all about my projects. But between all of my projects and individual pieces within the projects I have to do, things can get lost. My desired platform of choice is Honeybook. Projects can be added in automatically when you get a new inquiry, or you can manually add them in. You can send both contracts and invoices in one place. Clients get to sign the contract digitally. Honeybook keeps track of both your emails and files you send between the clients. You have your own person workspace within Honeybook and your clients even have a built-in client portal.

Honeybook makes it so easy to keep track of everything and honestly my business would be a disaster without the platform! If you are wanting to join the Honeybook platform you can use my personal link to get 50% off your entire first year!

3. Check your emails after you completed 3 tasks for the day.

This one is probably the hardest for me. I love email! I love communicating with my clinents, I love reading any inquires that came in, and I love seeing what freebies have landed in my inbox. But I can totally get sucked into my inbox and lose all track of time. I now set myself up on three goals to accomplish before I dive into my inbox. Wether that be completed a logo suite, sending off print files, or planning Instagram content for the week. Once my three goals are completed I dive into my inbox and I try to limit myself to a time limit! It’s hard but it’s helped me stay so organized in my business!

I hope these three tips can help some of you fellow business owners out there because trust me, organization is hard. Especially when you are first starting out. I wish I would have known these three things but growth comes from trial and error.

Hi, friend! I'm Kierra, the founder + lead designer here at The Mod Collective. I get easily attached to fictional characters, cry over books far too often, and could probably eat Mexican food every single day.I hope you enjoy browsing the posts on the TMC blog, we are so happy that you are here! 







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