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Top Three Black Friday Deals for Business Owners

As much as we love all of the shopping deals during this season there are incredible business deals going on as well. The platforms below are some that we use every single day to keep our business up and running and how we create such a streamlined process.

1. Honeybook

Honeybook is our number one go-to, always! All of our clients are automatically imported to Honeybook. We have organized files, send emails, send contracts + invoices, and keep track of everything in one spot. Your clients get their own portal inside of Honeybook so that nothing is ever miss-placed whether if it’s emails, files, or contracts.

Not only is it the most convenient platform with so much to offer but you can also completely streamline your business inside Honeybook with workflows. For example, you can set up automatic emails to go out when someone fills out your contact form. You can set automatic emails to go out on project start dates, end dates, and so much more. If there is one platform I recommend it is Honeybook – you can get 50% off of your first year on Honeybook!

2. Flodesk

We were on Mailchimp for as long as we can and we were never fully satisfied. When Flodesk made their appearance on the internet we were ecstatic. Flodesk is extremely user-friendly, has beautiful email templates that you can choose from, and it’s extremely affordable. As designers, we love it because we are able to stay on-brand with our email marketing without spending hours on a design since Flodesk has its own beautiful templates.

You can get 50% off of your Flodesk subscription today!

3. Deeper Than Money

Pretty much everything that Deeper Than Money offers, you need. We have invested in Chloe multiple times already and we don’t plan to stop. We have invested in her Wealth Accelerator to get all of our finances under control. Her Negotiation Playbook has been so killer to so many people when it comes to negotiating salary, Airbnb’s for business trips (or vacations), and so much more. Chloe offers such a new approach to money that makes us not afraid to talk about finances and allows us to save so much money without restricting ourselves.

Chloe offers a variety of services for millennial business owners and every single one of them is worth it!

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