Sharing My Heart


Sharing my heart isn't something I do often on my blog or Instagram but it is something I want to start doing more. If you didn't know, I love Jesus! Like seriously, that dude is awesome. Recently I have been getting into studying the Word more often, praying more and working on living out the life God has planned more. Ever since moving to New York City I started attending Hillsong NYC, a church I had wanted to visit for so long; I now get to be a part of that. The atmosphere, the worship and the people are all literally so incredible. Two weeks ago the message really spoke to me. It was about seeking out and following Gods plan for you. That the time in the past, the time now and the time when you start following Gods plan is not time wasted. I've been in college for three years and just last week I switched my major from Business Marketing to Communications and English because after much thought and prayer I felt like that it was something I was being moved to do and it's probably one of the greatest decisions that I ever made. Seeing God works is literally so amazing.

This past Sunday I had the honor of hearing guest speaker Richie Wilkerson speak at Hillsong and if you ever get the chance to see him, do it! You won't regret it. He is hilarious and his message was so powerful. He talked about hope. One thing he said that really stuck with me was, "Hope is a constant expectation that God is working even when you can't see it." My hope and faith is one thing that I am 100% sure of. Sometimes I and maybe you tend to get anxious or upset when we don't see thing happen right away; when we pray and our prayers aren't immediately answered. This is where hope kicks in. Where our faith has to stay strong. Because even though we can't see God working we know he is because of our hope. This message and the message two weeks ago fell hand and hand together for me.

This stuck with me because as I changed my major and I'm pursuing different things I still feel kind of lost. I'm excited for this new path but also a little scared. But my heart is open and my hope and faith are strong because I know God is working and I'm so excited to see the paths he opens up.

This post was probably all over the place but I love reading posts where people share their heart and I definitely want to start doing it more. I hope this posts gives you a little encouragement throughout the week. Happy Monday!

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