Why I made the switch from Wordpress to Squarespace


I had been blogging with Wordpress for almost two years. I thought I loved it, I thought it was great don't get me wrong, but I just wasn't happy with it. Wordpress is awesome, it's an open source, you have complete control over your site and it's most bloggers top choice in a blogging platform. But for me, it was way to overwhelming. Most of the time you had to pay a decent amount of money to have your site look pretty unless you know coding. 

I loved that wordpress was an open platform, I learned everything about SEO from wordpress plugins themselves. I promise you all I am not putting wordpress down what so ever but it just didn't tickle my fancy like it seems to do for others. Of course I was nervous about some things when I was thinking of making the switch. Things like SEO, will my blog still accessible, what kind of plugins will it have (even though Wordpress plugins barely ever worked), what if it's really not that easy to use? Trust me I thought about a lot of things. One day I was feeling brave and I said I am going to do it! Found an amazing tutorial through Pinterest on how to safely and easily switch and I did and it's the best decision I think I made. 

Pros of Squarespace

Easy to set up / It will save you money
People will tell you that it is super easy to customize your Wordpress site on your own but please trust me when i tell you I paid for multiple themes which probably cost me over $300 in the end and I spent a lot of time trying to customize the free themes (yes, I've tried Divi which everyone suggested to me.) Squarespace is simple and customizable! It's probably one of the best features. They have the drag and drop feature which make building your site to your liking super fun. Squarespace also is a way to save you money. There is a small monthly fee but you won't be paying for themes, plugins, site protection or anything like that! There are people who make Squarespace custom designs and if you ever want to invest in one there is more of a chance that you will have extra money so you can invest!

Built in SEO
SEO was a big thing I was worried about. I spent so much time learning about SEO and I was afraid that everything I learned was going to go down the drain. Squarespace automatically creates sitemaps for you, this allows search engines to easily find your website and get your content out there. Squarespace has built in SEO which they have a whole article and video about it, find it here.

The plugins always work
95% of the time I'd install a plugin on Wordpress and it wouldn't work, would work how it said it would work, was barely functional and absolutely frustrating. The Plugins within Squarespace are incredible and I promise you that they will always work! 

Cover page
I spend SO much time on Wordpress trying to figure out cover pages / landing pages. I am a college student so I just don't have money to dish out on Lead Pages so I took it upon myself to try and make a cover page for my wordpress site and let's say I failed. Big time. Squarespace has built in cover pages that you can use and I instantly fell in love. I'm working on some free courses and I cannot wait to promote them through simple, minima, customizable cover pages!

Okay, those are some of my favorite reasons I switched. Squarespace is easy, simple, minimal, less time consuming and I absolutely adore it and I am so happy that I decided to make the switch! 



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