Three Ways That You Can Become a Morning Person


I swear you all, I never was a morning person and then all a suddent I became one. After I noticed that I had become a morning person I did things to make sure I kept the habit in my life and didn't fall back into sleeping until 12:00pm. Don't get me wrong, I love sleeping in every once in a while, especially after a long school week but I now find myself waking up early on my own and feeling good when doing so. 

How You Can Become a Morning Person

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Have something to look forward to.

I started looking forward to my morning coffee and slow mornings. I hate being rushed so waking up early allows me to have slow mornings with coffee, breakfast of my choice (usually avocado toast,) while binging a Netflix show or Podcast. Your "thing" to look forward doesn't have to be the same as mine, obviously,  but find something you look and look forward to it when you go to bed. Maybe I'm just crazy, but it could be true, but I get so excited before bed when I think about  my morning coffee. 


Take your time.

Like I said in the last section, I love waking up early because I am able to have a slow morning. You're up, don't feel pressured to get up and make your bed right away, don't feel pressured to actually get out the house. Slow down and take your time. Your up, stay in your comfy bed for a while, watching something you like. Just because you up early don't mean you have to actually get out of bed.

Treat yourself.

Whether this is going out to grab a coffee, breakfast, or a yoga class: treat yourself. Some mornings I love heading out for coffee or a bagel. I want to head to a morning yoga class or Soulcycle but your girl has not made it that far yet, plus, I'm a college student so you get the gist. But for real, treat yourself, you deserve it!