4 Signs That You Are So Ready For A Re-Brand


There comes a time in your business or blog where a rebrand is necessary. A lot of times you don't want to think about it, you think we can do it on your own, and don't want to reach out for help. Sometimes it has to do with money, you don't want to dish out that big amount of money. But if you don't invest in your business, who will? Rebrands typically are long-awaited, you just don't want to admit it to yourself but you get to the point where you realize what you're doing just isn't working. The thing is, rebrands will are completely inspiring when it comes to your business. Your designer (hey girl!) will bring all your visions to life investing in you and the dreams you have for your platform. Doing it yourself definitely can be fun, but you probably aren't giving your business the design, attraction, and engagement it deserves. These are 4 signs that you are ready for a rebrand. 


You don't love what you see when you click on your platforms.

Maybe you don't hate it but you definitely don't love it. You have been DIY'ing your site, trying to figure it out on your own and make things work. But, it's not just working and you just don't love it. It might just be time to stop the DIY branding and work with a killer brand strategist and designer. Your designer will help bring the vision that is in your head to life. No more not understanding how to do things. You can just sit back and relax as your designer makes the magic. 


You are focusing more on trying to design than creating killer content.

Woah. You're putting more time and effort into a design that isn't working instead of creating and putting out killer content for your audience? Girl, why!? Your energy, efforts and creating should be put forth to curating content or connecting with your clients instead of trying to focus on a design. This is a sign you are ready to take the next steps and hire a designer so that you can focus on your craft. 


Your brand has no identity or has lost its identity.

Your brand identity is so important. It is how people will recognize your brand, they see your logo and they know it's you. Oh, you don't know your brand colors? Does your brand even have colors? What about a mission statement? Do your ideal clients know what you do? Are you totally lost right now? It's okay, I promise. It may sound a little scary but this is exactly what your brand strategist will help you with. Crafting the perfect identity for your brand.


You aren't captivating your ideal client or collaboration.

Visuals are everything in today's society. It only takes about 30 seconds of someone being on your website for them to decide whether they want to stay or they want to leave. Is your website capturing the eye of your dream collaboration or client? Are you making them want to stay on your website with a good mission statement, great design, and something for them to look forward to? 

Are you a passionate girlboss wanting to work with a inspire + comitted designer? Are you ready to take the next steps? Let's do it.