Unusual Resolutions That Will Help You Conqour 2018

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I'm that person who says she's going to make resolutions and then never does. I used to think, oh, I'm going to work out everyday or I'm going to lose 15 pounds but for one: I never write them down and two: because I didn't write them down I never actually went after those resolutions. Instead of of resolutions I started writing down goals, or little things I could try and tackle each month.

Here are a few unusual "resolutions" you can try for 2018 so that you can conquer your year and lead a fulfilling life.

write it down

I've seen this one from a bunch of my favorite bloggers, influencers and more: write it down. Grab your notebook and each week write down a list of five things that make you happy. This is easy, can keep you accountable on the hard days and remind me to smile every so often. 

wake up early once a week

I am a morning person, so there for mornings don't bother me. But for those of you who aren't morning people, try waking up early once a week and doing something you love. Whether that something you love be going to a yoga class, making yourself coffee and reading, or whatever!

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make things enjoyable

Make your hardest task of the day more enjoyable. Have a lot of homework or a big test? Treat yourself to your favorite coffee shop as you study. Have a lot work to get done in general? Make a playlist of your favorite songs and dance while you get your work done.

wear clothes that make you happy

When I first jumped into this blogging world I was solely a fashion blogger but as time has passed I definitely consider myself a lifestyle blogger. I love everything fashion, home decor, diy and more. I used to spend way too much time trying to wear clothes that others would appreciate and not what I loved. As I continue to grow, so does my style and my love for clothes. I started wearing clothes that make me happy, that i feel comfortable in, that I think represents me. I believe that's what fashion is. I want to give a big thank you to BC Footwear for sponsoring this post by sending over the perfect pair of booties that represent my personal style and go perfect with all my outfits; they're both comfy and chic!

smile and say encouraging words to yourself

Start off your day by looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself. After you take a moment give yourself some words of encouragement: "you're a boss babe & going to kill it today." Hyping yourself up in the morning will get you ready to conquer your day. 

These simple, unusual resolutions will help you conquer your year and become a better you. Take each day one day at a time and live a life that makes you happy. 

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