February Mood Board + Goals


January was good. I hit some goals, tried new things, an implemented new strategies for running my business. I'd say January was a success. It such a good feeling to hit your goals, to work hard for something and it pay off. I was super excited to start writing down and working on my February goals. As January was ending and I sat down to work on my February mood board all these goals just came to my head. I was pumped to start working towards them. I thought this month I would share a few of my goals with you, and in return i'd love to hear yours! 


  • Continue to produce raw, genuine content on Instagram. As I grow my Instagram and try new things, produce new images and more, I want to be raw and real. I want it to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing but also real and relatable. I want to be able to give you all a peek into my life and what I do. I started doing this a bit in January and despite the extremely dumb algorithm, it has helped my numbers + engagement.
  • Get more creative. I want to continue producing creative content but I want to produce even more and an even more creative way. 
  • Invest in myself. I want to invest in myself a few ways. Whether it be taking an online course from another business owner, growing my wardrobe or doing a few yoga classes this month. 

Those are three of my goals for this month. I'd love to hear what you all are working on and working towards.