How Facebook Groups Will Help Your Blog Traffic and Engagement

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I was never one to be super into Facebook groups or even like the idea of Facebook groups; I think there was this stereotype that I had placed on Facebook groups. But when one of my favorite girl bosses said she had a Facebook group I thought I would give it a try! One thing lead to another and know it turns out I'm a member of about five Facebook bogging groups. Facebook blogging groups are more than just people posting links to their blogs and constantly trying to get people to their page, trust me that’s not how it works. I'm going to breakdown what goes on in Facebook groups and tell you how it has help my blog traffic tremendously and shut down any stereotype I had about them. 

How Facebook Groups Will Help Your Blog Traffic

· The Facebook groups I am in do not allow to just constantly post your blog link in the discussion or "promote your business" all the time. This keeps the groups from being spammy and keeps people from just wanting people to engage with their content but not but any other work in. Instead, there are certain threads each day which you post your links on and you engage with others. For example, Mondays will be to post your newest post, Tuesday post your social media you want engagement on, Wednesday promote your small business and so on. These threads bring great traffic to your blog and social platforms. You're getting new viewers which also can turn into new subscribers and returning readers. 

· The constant engaging on threads help you create authentic relationships. There are a lot of people in groups but often times you find people you click with and who's content resonates with you. Creating relationships and networking in this industry is everything. Create as many authentic relationships as you can. Engaging with others and creating these relationships allows you new subscribers, new readers and people who actually enjoy your content; you start getting more meaningful comments and now just those "nice" or "great post" comments. 

· These Facebook groups are a hub for the creative. It is a constant form of motivation, encouragement and inspiration. The girls (and guys) in these groups are constantly inspiring me to keep pushing on, to keep pushing harder. There are hardly and negative people within groups which is great but you will get amazing constructive criticism! 

· This hub also allows you ask ask ask! Ask as many questions as you want, there are no "silly questions." You can ask an extremely intricate question or even a simple question and people will always be there to help. You won't have to be embarrassed because more often than not someone else had been wanting to ask something similar.

These groups are incredible and a great place for new bloggers and experienced bloggers. I will have some of my favorite blogging groups linked below! 

Group 1.  Group 2. Group 3. Group 4.  Group 5.


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