How To Grow Your Email List With Interact Quizzes

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before but your email list is so important. If for some reason all social media was shut down, and all that there was left was email, would your clientelle still be what it is now? Are you only promoting your business on social media or are you turning those social media followers into email list subscribers? There are so many ways that you can grow your email list but one of my favorite ways to grow my list is with quizzes.

9/10 out of 10 I always get sucked into those silly Facebook or buzz feed quizzes that literally have no correlation to my business or what I’m actually doing in life. But, think about if each time a client visited your site and you had a quiz set up that would help them learn something about their business. Why wouldn’t they want to take it! Your the expert and you would be teaching them something. Interact reached out to me about creating quizzes on their platform and I jumped at the opportunity.

How my quiz helps my ideal client

I wanted to be sure that my quiz would help my clients. I didn’t want to make a silly quiz that would be a waste of their time. I wanted to teach clients about their brand style. Your brand style is so important when it comes to branding and growing your business, and I implement that into my entire site. I mixed in fun questions with photos like “who is your ultimate girlboss soul sister?” Where you get to choose from a list of badass fictional ladies. When you’re creating a quiz you want to present a problem that you client might have and provide them with a solution. If a client visits my site and needs some direction with their brand they can take my quiz to get their foot pointed in the right way.

Creating your quiz

When it comes to creating your quiz Interact makes it so easy with customizeable tempaltes, which I chose to use. There customizeable templates come already set up for you, all you have to do is put in your own questions + answers. They also have different categories of templates to a cater to everyone. I played around with a quiz from their fashion section and I was able to edit it to my liking and compltely personalize it to my design businesses. I think the biggest benefit from usuing their templates is that the structure is already laid out for you!

How To Grow Your Email List With A  Quiz

The questions you ask

When it comes to asking the questions that are going to go in your quiz you need to go into it with clairty. Do some brainstorming on what you want to teach the vistors that come to your site. Do you want to know what type of creative they are? What type of business owner that they are? Do you want to help them clarify something in their business? I know that those who come to my site typically are wanting to elevate their business. So I want to help give my clients a stepping stone of what their brand style is so I ask provoking questions to get them thinking on colors, how they want to make their clients feel, brand messaging and more.

How To Grow Your Email List With A  Quiz

The results

This part is important. The questions you ask your clients/viewers need to correlate with the results. This is why you need to go into making your quiz with clarity. I think coming up with results first is even better than starting with the questions, if you know that the results are going to be then you will know how to ask the right questions to get to those results. Like i’ve said many times my quiz is about your brand style, so what I did was come up with bout 5 different brand styles and mapped out questions around those.

How To Grow Your Email List With A  Quiz

Getting ideal clients on your list

And of course the building your email list part of this post! Interact makes it so easy to integrate the quiz results with having those who take the quiz sign up for your email list. I was easily able to integrate my Mailchimp account with Intereact. So now, when my ideal clients take my quiz they will then put in their email to see their results. But I don’t stop there. I also provide my clients with a customized Pinterest board all about their brand style once they enter their email address. You don’t want to just get your ideal client on your list then leave them hanging. Provide them with something that is going to benefit them and help them.

If you want to take the next stpes in building your email list, click this link to sign up to use Interact now. You can also take my quiz to figure out your brand style here.

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