Instagram Essentials: 4 Tips To Expand Your Following and Engagement


As much as we may get frustrated with Instagram and it's really annoying algorithm we all love it pretty darn much. I love taking a peak into creatives lives, seeing what they are eating, wearing, and are traveling to! Instagram is a tricky game sometimes, you gain 20 followers then lose 30, you post a bomb photo and barely reach 200 likes, or simply can't think of something to post, no matter how hard you try and how much you physically want to post something.

Today were going to be talking about 4 ways you can keep your followers interested in your content, explained your following and up your engagement. 

4 Tips To Expand Your Following and Engagement

Create meaningful content

A lot of times bloggers, including myself with, will run around the house looking for items to post on a whim. We may have a general idea of what we want to post but not sure how to implement it. 2018 I vowed to stop doing that. I started making content calendars, which I will talk about in a post very soon! Creating a content calendar has helped me gather my thoughts on what I want to post before hand. In my calendar I will write something as simple as "want to feature pink sweater," "show my morning routine," or something along those lines. That way when I'm up and ready to post on Instagram I can just look on my calendar and know exactly which route to go. Like I said, I will do an entire separate post on content calendars so keep a lookout for that. 

Planning out my content before hand has helped me post morning meaningful content, it's more thought out and I take my time with captions. This has definitely helped me with my engagement and keeping my followers interested. Something I love to do is ask my followers a question within my caption, this helps get my engagement flowing. Other creatives or followers will see your question in your caption and gravitate towards the comment section! Be sure to reply back to your comments! It's no fun if someone has commented and answered your question and you just leave them hanging. This will hinder them from returning and commenting again.

Edit your feed

This is a simple tip but helps keep your followers interested in your aesthetic. After I shoot my content for the week, I then edit it. I love trying to keep a cohesive feed, it's pleasing for the eye and we all know that most us are attracted to looks. I use a variety of different apps to edit my content and if you'd like to see a tutorial or a blog post on how I edit please let me know! 

I use apps such as VSCO, Snapped, A Color Story, and Lightroom. I try and edit each photo the same way. This helps with keeping everything cohesive. Give or take a few different filters. 

Plan your feed 

Just as your plan your content, plan your feed.  I use both UnUm and Planoly. Once I shoot my content for the week, I edit, then I plan. I take all my edited photos and put them into these apps. Within the app you can change and move things around to see which photo looks best in a certain place. 

This will help with the visual representation that you are going for. This will keep you from uploading a photo then deleting it because you decide you don't like the placement of it. Within Planoly you can also type up captions, so you can pre-plan them too. I always find that if I save my caption for when I'm posting my photo I never come up with a meaningful caption. So a lot of times when I'm shooting I try to think of the story that I want to tell; what do I want my followers to know? So once I have my photos in Planoly I will go through and caption them. If right then and there I don't know the story I want to tell, I will take a break and let the caption come to me. 

Expand your Instagram stories

Instagram stories has become my guilty please. I absolutely love watching what people are doing. A way you can expand your following is to switch up your Instagram stories. Along with featuring your coffee, outfits, and more, implement different templates. This will catch your readers eye! I've Provided 3 free templates that you can use to promote your work, talk to your followers, or whatever! If you use these be sure to tag me so I can see them!