The First Step To Success In Your Business

The First Steps To Success In Your Business

The First Steps To Success In Your Business


I was cheap. Like cheap cheap. Like, google "how to download Photoshop for free," cheap (which I don't recommend, you end up with broken links and a possible virus on your computer.) I tried everything in my will to do things that would benefit my business without spending money. But when passion took over and stepped in place, above money, that's when my business started booming.


And if I don't invest in myself then who will? 

I don't know when it happened but it did. I became so infatuated with my craft, passion for it was eating at me daily and I was constantly wanting to create and I literally couldn’t (still can’t) stop working. But not having all the right programs to create was hindering me so much. One day I was Instagram chatting with my online friend Lola, who is also an amazing designer, we were just chatting and something inside me switched. She was recommending a program that was a designer must, which I already knew, but I was scared. Scared to invest in myself. Scared to drop almost $300 that I barely had, on a program. But little did I know was that this program would help my business take off running.


Little did I know was that the $300 dollars I dropped on this program would be tripled in just 2 months.

Maybe it wasn’t so much the program itself (altought it does play a big part) but maybe it was more so the belief in myself. Investing in yourself or in your business is scary. There is always that little fear in your mind thinking "what if I fail?" "How else could this $300 be spent?" or any other thought that might creep in your mind to hold you back. Maybe investing in your business doesn't look like $300 dollars maybe it looks like $50. There are always ways that we can invest in our business: taking a class, buying a new camera, going out for coffee and networking with a fellow creative. It doesn't have to be dropping money, that was just my way of investing. 

Whether you're a blogger, because yes running a blog is a business, a designer, a coach, a mentor or whatever... take the time to invest in your business. Take the course and learn all you can learn about your craft. Buy that new camera and take the dopest #ootd photos. Hire a mentor to guide you to the money. Not only will investing in your business benefit you by fueling your passion but it could also lead you to endless opportunities:


It could get you that $1000 check, score your dream collaboration,or help you score your passionate client. there are endless possibilities waiting for you.

Thinking back on it I wish I would have invested in myself and business sooner. Could I have been making the money I am making now, 5 months ago if I would have invested sooner? Could I have been working with my high-end dream client sooner? Now that I think about it I find it so silly that I doubted myself so much. That I was the person being hardest on myself.