Why Media Kits Are Important | Pre-Made, Editable Media Kit


A media kit is vital, I remember when I used to pitch to companies without one and the first things they'd say to me when they replied to my email would be "could you please send over your media? For so long, I was lost. I had no idea what a media kit was, how to get one or what to put on it. So I went to my best-tech-friend aka google and did some digging. 

A media kit is a place for everything to be all together: your about me, your statistics, your best photos, the most amazing brands you've worked with, services offered and your prices. But who wants to send all the information over in a boring, plain document? We live in a world where visuals are everything. The content could be absolutely incredible but if your visuals are lacking 9/10 someone will click out of your site or out of your media kit, in this case. 


Companies love being able to see everything all together, they're able to look at your stats + the type of content you produce all at once. You won't have to send over countless emails, answering questions, the company won't have to send you over multiple questions, it truly makes everything easier. Think of your media kit as a way to brag about yourself, your success and your business. It's the first chance you get to really show a company why they should work with you. A stellar media kit leads to a stellar collaboration.

I make custom media kits but I wanted to make something a little more affordable but still incredibly chic! You can know buy the Jacqie Media Kit here on my blog. It's fully editable with Photoshop but don't fret, if you don't have photoshop you can still purchase the kit. All you need to do is email me beforehand! For more custom branding be sure to click the link below.