Why You Are Not Booking Your Dream Client

Whether you are a designer, photography, blogger, fitness coach or any other kind of entrepreneur you have a dream client. This dream client has characheristics like “recently engaged” or “starting a new business” or maybe she “wants to get in the best shape possible.” Whatever it is, whatever attributes you have given her, make up this ideal client that you want to work with.

But for some reason you’re not booking her and you’re not attracting her to your brand. Something just isn’t working. We’ve all been there at some point in our business. This feeling can can be seriously dissapointing but just think of it as a roadblock that you will get through. You are going to break that barrier. In this post I want to talk you through some of the struggles us creatives go through during seasons of our business that are keeping us from booking our dream client.

Why You Are Not Booking Your Dream Client

Why You Aren’t Booking Your Dream Client

  1. You aren’t meeting your dream client where they are.

You have to know where you dream client is and meet them there. When I’m working on marketing and strategy for my business to attract my dream client I am meeting them exactly where they are.

Whether that means networking with people through hashtags on Instagram or creating generated content to target exactly who i want to work with. For example, if you are a lifestyle brand are you connecting with your dream client through hashtags like #lifestyleblogger or #homedecorinspiration. Or if you are fitness coach are you in any fitness Facebook groups, because this is definitely where you dream client is going to be.

Most of the time I see creatives just putting out content, ads for their business, or posting status on Facebook, but these tactics are not going to get you your dream client. Yes a client here or there might see them and posting is great for you business but you need to speak exactly to the person you want to work with. Meet them where they are.


2. The Words On Your Website Are Speaking To Your Dream Client

Copy is one of the biggest aspects of my business I struggled with when first starting out. I would change it every single day. I constantly compared by copy, which was a big mistake. At one point I barely had any copy on my website, this is bad, trust me. Copy was hard and sometimes I still struggle with it. But here is what I can give you to help you with your copy.

Tell your client what you do, how you can help them, and how it will change their brand or life once you are done working together. You want you copy, especially on your homepage, to be crips and clear to your client as soon a they click on your site. As soon as someone clicks on The Mod Collective I want them to know that I “craft & elevate brands for female hustlers,” What do you want your clients to know?

Copy is important. Like I said, it’s been one of my struggling points but since I have been able to get my copy to say exactly what I want my clients to read I’ve gotten tons of encouraging responses from clients and future clients that my copy spoke right to them. Make sure you are speaking to your dream client.


3. Your Visuals Aren’t Hooking Your Dream Client

I’ve said this one million times before and I will say it another million times. Visuals are everything. You have about 8 seconds before someone decides they want to stay on your website. Branding your business is so imporant. Branding isn’t just a pretty logo but it’s how you make your clients feel, how you want your clients to see your brand.

Your branding will give your business a unique identity to help you stand out. A lot of times I will see creatives and business owners have a killer idea or an amazing business but they are lacking in visual appearance and feeling.


Why You Are Not Booking Your Dream Client

I’ve personally been through all these struggle, you are not alone. I hope this post will help you breakthrough some barriers in your business and help you get on the right track of booking your dream client.

If you feel like it is the right time I would love to work together with you to craft your dream brand that will help you attract your high-end dream client and take your business to new heights. Together we will become a team, working together to strategically elevate your brand to exactly the place it deserves to be.

If you are ready to elevate your brand, get in touch with me here and we can have a virtual coffee date to talk all things branding and design.