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This is more than just a design process. I strategically take the time to learn about your passion and help you craft a plan and mission that will completely elevate your brand and provide you with clarity on how to position your business for success and the message that it will stand behind. I will help you create a precense. Your brand is a lifestyle, it’s how you make your audience feel, and I strive to. help you, the passionate girl boss, reach your dream client through design curated just for you.

Your visual brand and strategy will equip you with all the assets you need to take your brand to new level, help you to inspire, and create genuine connections. Through this authentic and heartfelt process, I will help you craft a brand that will deliver long lasting results, scale your business to new heights, and help you reach the high-end dream clients that you deserve.





The Elite Brand Design is my signature package that equips you with absolutely everything your brand needs to thrive at its fullest potential._ Through the Elite Brand Design you receive cultivated brand strategy + clarity, full luxe branding + web design, and a complete collateral suite. This package is built and curated to scale your business to new heights, deliver profitable results, and to fully bring your dream brand to life.



Your brand is more than just a logo and pretty colors. Your branding gives your business it’s own unique identity. But not just that, branding includes all the strategies behind your business: it’s your brand voice, your brand message, attracting and targeting your dream audience. Branding is beauty + strategy combined. Your branding plays a huge part in how your business is looked at. Imagine a brand that will attract your high-end dream client, leave a lasting impression, and deliver you the profitable results that you are striving for and dreaming of.



Your website is your brands home, giving your brand’s personality, voice and visuals a place to live. _Through web design, we will dig deep into the process of capturing the eyes of your visitors from the moment they click on your site. Your website should be a place on the internet that you are excited for your dream-client to click on. Just like branding, it shouldn’t just look pretty, but it should also have killer strategy to match it look.



Designs don’t stop here. Maybe you are looking for more; a custom design idea, media kit, social media makeover, or something else. All you need to do is get in touch with us, let us know your idea, and we can make some magic. You can also visit The Shop for pre-made designs for your business.



Investing in your business first hand shows that you have amazing dreams + goals that you are completely ready to take on head first and accomplish. I’ve built a signature brand strategy, approach, development and design process that helps each individual client that I work with deliver profitable results, have a complete luxe brand look, and create authentic connections with their audience. After working with me on my signature approach my clients are fully equipped to attract their high-end dream client, charge what they are truly worth, and have a brand they truly love.

Limited clients are booked throughout each month so that I am able to focus all energy on each individual business.

Prices range from $1,250-$2,250.